Monday, 16 January 2023

TG Caption: Connecting With Myself...



  1. Hi! Can you make a caption for our anniversary? It's about my wife Rachel and myself, Robin.

    Robin planned an amazing date night, with dinner, flowers and going to the theater included, exactly what Rachel was looking for. Rachel however was empty handed and decided it was time to one of Robin's greatest desires - experiencing life as a woman and finally have his name match his gender. Secretly Rachel would love to experience how it was to be with her (wo)man as well.
    Both have an extremely pleasant time exploring going out in their most sexy outfits and at home in their most sexy lingerie playing with each other. It is LOVED so much that Robin might stay like this for a while longer.... or forever?

  2. Oooooo, is this your first twinning caption? I love this, the shared identity with it is really hot. Thank you for making this caption.

  3. Creative twist at the end! I love it!


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