Thursday 19 January 2023

TG Caption: Dressing Up In Her...



  1. Of course they would. He is already sliding down that slippery slope.

  2. yes! more costume gun caps please & thank you!

  3. Being 14, showing up to his mates costume party in his 16 year old sister's body, dressed and cheerleader, with a skirt that was probably 2 sizes to small, he got attention.
    Problem was he didn't know how to handle it and having a dozen young boys trying moves on him, it didn't take long for his girl hormones to take over. Without a care in the world, or a though of protection, he let every one of the boys have a go. They each took a turn and fucked him, each one of them pumping their loads inside his sisters tiny pussy. Not knowing he had let them impregnate his new body, he headed home with twins starting to form in his belly.
    Trying to follow the instructions to get back out of his sister, it just wouldn't work. The zip just wouldn't appear. He read the fine print that then explained that if the zip doesn't appear it means the body your in is now pregnant and cannot be removed until after giving birth. You didn't even know which of the boys was the father. You had no idea what you were going to tell you parents either.


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