Monday 24 April 2017

Explicit TG Caption: His Girlfriend For A Week... Or Forever...

Possibly my favorite image I've ever had the pleasure of writing for!
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Carla Xxx


  1. I was right when I picked this one from your preview. It came out even better than I'd hoped. And yes, that's an awesome picture to cap as well. ;-)

  2. Dis cap is HAWT gurl!

  3. "...
    ...before he totally chickens-out!? I mean, he keeps starting to make an advance, but then he backs-off before letting his 'rooster out to crow', if you know what I'm sayin'. I've become pretty comfortable with having a female body - especially one that's sexy-as-hell! But, when we get close and he starts to act like he wants... Well, he gets this strange gleam in his eyes. It's not lust - er, not just lust; There's something else, almost like he's lost in his imagination and fantasying about what it would be like to...

    George was off surfing so, I sashayed down into the cabin and pulled out the book he'd used to transform me into this very voluptuous vixen. Once I found the selection of spells that would make our relationship...complete, I began to invoke a few of them right then. And, within only a few minutes, I knew they'd begun working!

    There was a scream from out on the lagoon so I ran up on deck, (reveling in the way my breasts bobbed & bounced along the way), in time to find George climbing up the transom ladder with a stunned look on his pretty, new face as he did a double-take between my tremendous titties and his own blossoming breasts, (which pointed straight at mine with their stiff nipples)!

    " god, babe! Whu-what have you done?!" his voice trembled as its pitch rose to a melodic contralto while his skin smoothed to a silken texture and his hips widened as the lovely lobes on his slim torso continued to grow. "Thi-this trip was supposed to help me find someone to have children with," he gasped in exasperation while my arousal at watching my best friend turn into a gorgeous sexpot just as he'd done to me grew!

    "I know, George. But I could tell you weren't sure how I'd react when you told me you hoped I'd be willing to have your children; And that you were actually envious of my new ability to do so!" I told my friend while his hands roamed his pretty titties and his new face conveyed confusion about how I expected to have his children if he was a woman too.

    Once George's hands made their way into his board-shorts his jaw dropped to the deck and then a bright smile lit his lovely cute countenance. "Both!?! Th-then... You will be the mother of our offspring!?"

    I giggled with the flush of arousal that filled my whole being and replied, "Of course I will, my love! Then, after our first is born and you make a slight alteration to me, I'd be proud to sire one for you, lover!"

    Sorry if this bit takes a 'wrong' turn, Carla, but I just wanted to see if there could be some sort of...compromise reached for the would-be lovebirds!

    1. Really like where you took this Elle :)
      Always enjoy where your writing flair takes my initial ideas!
      Carla Xxx

  4. i love that she had a hand in her own entrapment. She wants to make herself a trophy and is willing to put herself under her man.

  5. A worthy trade, but I think the boobs are too large!


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