Saturday 8 April 2017

Have I Got A Deal For You... (GIF)

Here's a deal for you. I've put together a quick montage GIF of some of the captions I'll be posting in the next few weeks.
In return for giving you this amazing insight into the future, I'd like to ask a favor...

Right now, go leave a quick comment on your favorite caption I've written. 
Go... DO IT! Thanks Xxx
Remember you can use the drop down menu before you post to select anonymous if you'd like

By commenting it helps me know which captions were your absolute favorites, so I can try to make more similar ones like it!

Also, which caption from this GIF above are you looking forward to the most?

Much Love,
Carla Xxx


  1. Commenting just to prove the anonymous thing to others!

    Also can't wait for bottom middle!

  2. The whole top row looks fantastic <3

  3. You have a lot of excellent captions, so I have to throw a bunch your way. By far my favorite GIF caps is "Filling Those Huge Cups Perfectly" - one of my favorite GIFs I've found on the internet and even better with your caption. Regular caps I'd go with "Leaving My Personality Up to Him", "Dollars in My Bra And Cum on My Face", and "A 'Better' Roommate". All three have lovely, boobilicious images, but I like how all detail mental changes into lusty women.

    1. Oh, and in terms of the new caps, I'll probably have to read the stories to really know (can't see them right now and wouldn't want to spoil everything anyways!), but middle bottom is my kind of model and hopefully "she" has a fun story to go with "her" :)

  4. I haven't commented on which is my fav yet, but by reading the titles of this GIF I'm most interested in either "His Girlfriend for a week...or forever", or "Wishing they could be her". Both seem like they could be quite interesting.

  5. The new one I would like to see most is "Two Large Distractions".

    I'm obsessed with boobs!

  6. I loved most of the recent "leaving my personality up to him" I like the idea of a friend voluntarily changing for him but, doesn't forget about it. Not when the friend makes him forget his old life. But I'd like the new girl to remain intelligent and not dumb. And keep his personalith roughly the same.
    I also love all role exchanger, mau, and body part changes, be it swap or morph etc.
    I hope the detail helps. Keep on capping because you're great at it.

    1. Same. I agree. The person knows and be happy.I also agree that you're great.

  7. Looking forward to Virtual Reality to Actual Reality.

  8. "Trait Swap game show" should be a series. I like trait morphs, etc. I like it when only a few traits are changed, mental changes too. I also like it when the changee knows what's going on. And they struggle with the few changes, even if they asked for them: adjusting. Mau are a favorite.


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