Friday 21 December 2018

Explicit TG Caption: Mother-Daughter Action...

Wasn't sure whether to post this one, (perhaps the writing is a bit lazy)
let me know what you think!
Carla Xxx
(30 Days: Day 21)


  1. jay you are coming along just fine in finally becoming mommies daughter hy already you are developing quite nicely your body is now rabitly chaning your new breast are deveoping quite nicely and i can see your vagina is forming quite well you are getting girly curves now and your face hair eyes miuth lips legs arms feet toes are all chaning into girlhood very soon it will be all done yes yes yes mommy i'm i'm becoming your daughter now and mommy thank you for showing me the way!

  2. This is my favorite one!
    Keep it up Carly!


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