Saturday 15 December 2018

Great Shift TG Caption: The Test Run...

Halfway already? Don't worry, lots more kinky fun to come!
Carla Xxx
(30 Days: Day 15)

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  1. Turns out the The Test Run was a success turns out the two reasons the guy now in Stacy's body was masturbating 3 times a day was two one Stacy's Libido was on overdrive and the guys mind in her body was to much she had to do what ever to scratch the itch, The second and the reason the guy proposed the test run was because Stay's body was driving the guy mad seeing his flatmates boner all the time she was just horny. The Test run turned into the test weekend, the test week, the test month and buy the end of the month the guy in Stacy's body stoped thinking him self as a her and as Stacy and she was in love with her flatmate. She then still pretending that it was a test suggested a Test for six months and during that time her flatmate would have to take her out on real dates and treat her like his girlfriend and for that she would move into his bedroom full time. Stacy's flatmate agreed but at the end of the six months Stacy came out of the bathroom and tole her boyfriend that she just failed the test. and told him it was a blue line not a pink line. that is when he got down on one knee and asked Stay to marry him.


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