Wednesday, 19 December 2018

GIF TG Caption: Swap Class Favours....

What would convince you to drop the towel?
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Carla Xxx
(30 Days: Day 19)


  1. Carly,
    I go into the hospital Friday for abdominal surgery. Maybe you can do a cap with supernatural powers that the surgeon makes and error and removes my dick and I end up with a sweet and sensitive vagina!!!!

  2. Wow very sex an I bet the real Georgie will be very pissed off when the end of class she does not get her body back seeing you got pregnant in it. But to be honest Georgie is happy in her muscle bound tall body so giving you the big boobs and the periods will be an even trade

  3. Yea.... But Georgie in her muscle bound body gets revenge..
    gives you 2nd baby on prom night...

  4. lol - I love how the two boys had a deal to show each other their girl bodies from swap class . . .


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