Sunday 23 December 2018

Forced TG Caption: "I Would Never Be The Same"

(30 Days of Captions: Day 23)

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  1. Now with the changes to her body complete & the new woman's body perfect for my purposes, I began work on her mind. She would be Kind, Caring, Giving, & Demure around everyone. She would also be Loving, Loyal, & Devoted to me. But most importantly her true purpose in life would be to do the one thing my previous wife wouldn't. She would become a Mother. & not just once over, she would crave to be nothing more than a Stay at Home Mom. Always wishing to be pregnant, barefoot, & in the Kitchen. & I would grant her new desire, she would spend the rest of her formidable years as my devoted Wife, her legs constantly spread for my pleasure. She would have numerous children & my magic would return her to this form, with the exception of her continued lactation so she could feed them in their infant years, that way I could impregnate her again & again.


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