Monday, 24 December 2018

Magic TG Caption: "An Ass Like Yours..."

Christmas Eve! I hope none of you lovelies are on Santa's Naughty List!
Carla Xxx
(30 Days Of Captions: Day 24)


  1. jay just could not really belive it oh oh oh my yes yes yes now i'm i'm a real girl just look at my butt it is now much larger it is a girl's butt and look at my hips they are now much wider and i've got rounded hips now and breast and oh oh oh my yes yes yes i've got a pussy now between my leg's i'm i'm a real girl now!

  2. mommy i'm i'm a girl now just like you this is great now i have breast and a pussy!

  3. Love this caption! Is there any way a higher resolution could be uploaded?

    1. Which part is hard to read? It looks clear when I upload it? Xx

    2. It's just about 50% smaller than your other caps on this blog.

    3. I've reuploaded it, so hopefully that might fix any issues you're having. I use the same process to edit all of my captions, so they should be the exact same resolution each time. If the issue still persits it's probably a blogger problem rather than something at my end :(


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